Last-Minute Online Shoppers Bring Holiday Fear to the Supply Chain

December 8, 2014

It was not until last holiday season… that I started thinking about the behind-the-scenes logistics that were necessary to provide me and my fellow holiday shoppers with the joy and ease of online shopping. Two things happened last year. First, the supply chain was massively overwhelmed, making major headlines and disappointing many e-commerce abusers who sadly did not have gifts for their loved ones. Second, my firm, Sterling Partners, made an investment in a supply chain company connected to e-commerce, which gave me a front row seat to the logistical explosion that ruptures the supply chain during the holidays. 

In his article for Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Sterling Partners Vice President Todd Miller gives readers insight into the problems that the supply chain experiences when we all click “purchase” days before the holidays. Read the full article here.