Investors Snatch Up E-Commerce Services

November 19, 2014

Recently featured on the cover of Mergers & Acquisitions, Sterling Partners is one of several PE firms capitalizing on the rise of e-commerce, picking up Innotrac, which provides services to J.Crew, Zara and other retailers.

“It’s no secret to anybody that the [e-commerce] space continues to grow in double-digit rates, and we were trying to figure out the best way to invest,” says Sterling Senior Managing Director Rick Elfman. “Fulfillment seemed like a good place to start because of the recurring revenue – it’s a very steady revenue source.”

“We’re big believers that e-commerce provides solutions for customers and retailers, and will continue to experience strong long-term growth,” says Sterling Vice President Todd Miller. “The overall industry to e-commerce is growing rapidly, and these fulfillment businesses are growing rapidly as well,” says Miller.

Read more from Rick and Todd in the Mergers & Acquisitions article “Retail Reboot: Investors Snatch Up E-Commerce Services.”