InfiLaw Completes Debt Recapitalization

September 13, 2011

Sterling Partners and the Infilaw (“the Company”) management team partnered with Ares Capital Corporation to complete a debt recapitalization of the Company. Sterling Capital Partners (“SCP I”) maintains an 88% ownership stake in the Company and is well positioned to benefit from future liquidity opportunities as the business continues to grow.

The InfiLaw System is a consortium of independent, community based law schools that is establishing itself as a leader in making legal education more responsive to the realities of new career dynamics. The InfiLaw System includes Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL, Phoenix School of Law in Phoenix, AZ and Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, NC. Its mission is to establish student-centered, ABA accredited law schools in underserved markets that graduate students with the skills of a second-year associate and achieve true diversity programs aimed at academic and career-oriented student success.  The Company continues to deliver high quality student outcomes, including 90+% job placement and bar pass rates in each of its schools.